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DGLB-4CA Takeaway Lunch Box. Disposable Paper Based. Four Compartment

Multiple Storage for Easy Segregation of Food. Presentable and Neat

DG Print DGLB-4CA Paper Based Lunch Box is a Four Compartment, High Efficient and Cost Saving Alternative for the Food Community.

This Paper-based is Engineered to be Coated for Leakproof, Sturdy, Lightweight, Coated for Leakproof, and Customizable to Customer Specific Needs or Company Branding

The DG Print DGLB-4CA Paper-Based Lunch Box made from Renewable Sources.
The Usage of Paper-based Packaging will Provide the Market with a Sustainable, Healthy, and Safe Environment, among other Many Benefits.

Our Paper Packaging is Sturdy and able to Handle Loads.

The Products can be order in Plain Non Printing or Custom Printing with Logo, Artwork or Description

Unique Custom Printed Paper Packaging provides Convenience as well as Visibility for the Client Branding.
It helps Products to Showcase their Distinctive Packaging and Graphics to tell a Brand’s story, Superior Product Protection and is Easy to Stack.

Leakproof and Ideal for Oily, Saucy Foods or Salad with Dressing

DGLB-4CA Lunch Box Four | DG Print | Kuala Lumpur
DGLB-4CA Lunch Box Four | DG Print | Kuala Lumpur

DGLB-4CA Lunch Box Bottom Dimension is L177 mm x W147 mm x H45 mm

DGLB-4CA Lunch Box Upper Dimension is L196 mm x W167 mm

DG Print DGLB-4CA Lunch Box are Packed 500 in a Box 125 pcs x 4 packets

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