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Professional Food Grade Packaging Manufacturer in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

FDA Approved Paper with Large Volume Production and Food Grade Safety

DG Print is the Manufacturer and Supplier of a Wide Range of Disposable Paper Packaging or Paper Containers. The Products offer Lightweight, Customizable, Low Cost, Durable, and Environment Friendly

Our Paper container is Made from Certified Imported Food Grade Paper from the USA, Safe Direct Food Contact, and FDA Compliance. paper is a Renewable Resource and provides Environmental Sustainability Credentials, Easily Recycled and Biodegradeable

With our In-house Manufacturing Technology, DG Print offers large Volume Production with Competitive Pricing which our Design Team Leads with High Creativity and Unique Differentiation in all your Branding Needs

DG Print Range of Food Packaging Accessories.jpg

DG Print Range of Food Packaging

DG Print Range of Food Packaging Accessories

Food Packaging. Various Types of Food Grade Sturdy Paper Packaging

Our Food Packaging is available with Internal Lining is Food Grade PE Lining for Oily or Saucy Food Packing

DG Print Food Grade Packaging is Printed with Advanced Soy-based Inks, which are Certified Toxic Free 

Customized Packaging will help with the Branding of the Company. Therefore, It is Critical to showcase an Eye-Catching Packaging Design and Visibility of your Company Logo

Takeaway Food Range - Advance Paper-Based Packaging for Food

  • Lunch Box or Food Carrier

  • Donut Box

  • Cake Box

  • Pizza Box

  • Sandwich Box

  • Burger Box

  • Hotdog Box

  • Fries Pocket

  • Rice Box

  • Bowl with Lid

Takeaway Beverage and Other Range of Accessories

  • Cup Carrier

  • Pop Corn Box

  • Cake Box

  • Pillow Box
  • Cup Cake Tray
  • Cup Sleeve
  • Hot Paper Cup
  • Paper Straw

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